It has been about 10 months since I first started doing one month long Airbnb rentals to explore different states/cities. One of the main questions I get is how I choose my next location to explore so I’m going to take some time to dig into my thought process around that. There are a fewContinue reading “CHOOSING A NEXT VACATION OR ADVENTURE”

TALES OF LONGER TRAILS (26.2 to be exact!)

I recently had my 26th birthday and also ran my first marathon (26.2 miles!) in Aspen, Colorado. I think it’s important to reflect each year to celebrate accomplishments, learn from failures and set goals for the year to come. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I learned during my 25th year and what IContinue reading “TALES OF LONGER TRAILS (26.2 to be exact!)”


I was hiking over the weekend with some friends and one of them asked how heavy my backpack was. I proceeded to take off my backpack to let them hold it and they were surprised by the weight! For summer day hikes, I carry the same black backpack whether the hike is shorter or longContinue reading “SUMMER DAY HIKE PACK ESSENTIALS”


Recently, it has been so smokey in Colorado and I’m assuming most states in the west are experiencing a similar forecast. As wildfires rage in California, the smoke is settling across the west bringing Denver’s air quality to top the charts among the worst air quality in major cities across the world. It stinks (literallyContinue reading “WILDFLOWER SEASON!”


The first few years I lived in Colorado my time in the mountains was spent skiing, not hiking. That’s because my first summer spent in Colorado wasn’t til after my junior year of college. The first two college summers I spent in northern Michigan as a zipline instructor and by the time I came backContinue reading “STARTING OFF ON THE WRONG FOOT”


I was recently introduced to the term “Digital Nomad”. A coworker threw it out when I explained what my next adventure was going to be. The exciting thing about this pandemic is, it has encouraged so many people to start exploring the great outdoors and with the opportunities remote work can bring, people can ventureContinue reading “MY STORY”