I named this image “glacier blues”.

Summer is upon us! Summer is my favorite season to hike since the snow melts and it’s the season I can do the big day hikes I’ve dreamed about all winter. I’m also really excited to plan more camping trips which are a staple of summer.

As I’m starting to plan out my summer hikes, I’m reminded not to forget the little details that make my hiking experience that much better. It’s the creature comforts we sometimes forget about when heading out for a hike and when I add in some of these things, they’re just the cherry on top of a wonderful day. These details have evolved over the years; some I’ve learned from various hiking friends and some I just love to do because it makes me happy. Most of these tips are things you can prep and leave in the car to enjoy after your adventure and one of these tips, you can enjoy during. So, other than making sure you’re prepared for your hike by packing all the proper things in your day pack, below is a list of additional things you can do to elevate your experience!

Sometimes a little charcuterie board comes on the trail with me!
  • To bring on your hike:
    • On long day hikes, I like to pack a little sweet treat to enjoy at the top. This could be some peanut m&ms, sour candies, some fruit, a baked good, you name it and I’ve probably brought it. A sweet treat at the top of the hike is such a nice addition to the views you’re enjoying. It also helps to replenish some of your energy stores to fuel your hike out and trust me, whatever you bring will taste sooo much better when you eat it on the trail!
Picture of me using all the tips outlined below after a long day hike!
  • To leave in the car:
    • Probably my favorite thing after a long day hike is coming back to my car and taking off my hiking boots. This sounds so obvious but I used to not bring a change of shoes along with me to my hikes and now it is a non-negotiable! Peeling off your hiking boots and having a pair of comfy shoes waiting for you in the car feels like a luxury for your feet!
    • That leads me to my second favorite thing to have in the car which I learned from my hiking buddies in Alaska and that is a cooler with cold sparkling water or Gatorade (and extra water!). It’s so refreshing to crack one of these open after a hike and sip with gratitude for a beautiful trek. This tip tastes even better when you’re hiking in the hot desserts of Arizona or Utah 🙂
    • Packing extra socks and a shirt or sweatshirt goes along with extra shoes. If your feet get wet on the hike it’s nice to put on a fresh pair of socks and if you get sweaty it’s nice to put on a different shirt! These little items increase your comfort level after a day on the trail.
    • Depending on how long my hike is, it’s nice to have extra snacks in the car (or even items for a picnic!). If you have a longer drive ahead of you, this keeps you from becoming hangry and makes the drive home much more pleasant.
A cute coffee shop in a converted school bus I visited while hiking in Iceland.
  • Lastly, I like to visit a local shop or eatery after hiking. Hiking trails are usually located rather remotely or near small towns. It is so fun to visit a new store or eatery after I’m off the trail. Sometimes it even leads to finding a fun hole in the wall place that I grow to love.

Enjoy trying some of these tips to elevate your hiking experience. Summer hiking season is just around the corner and I hope you have some amazing and new adventures planned to look forward to.

Until the next tale… Happy trails.



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