As I get older it feels as though November (the start to the holiday season!) comes around quicker and quicker. This seasons brings more joy and excitement and of course – busyness! And boy has it felt busy indeed. I just kicked off an engagement with a new client this week and am gearing up for a fun trip abroad next week. With the extra Covid protocols it makes planning for travel a bit more time consuming but none the less worth it. I’m very much looking forward to relaxing, resetting and disconnecting from the constant pull of everyday distractions.

View during a run around North Table Mountain in Golden, CO.

Winter has hit here in the mountains which forces me to stay a bit closer to home when I am looking to get outside. It’s still early for great skiing conditions so I am soaking up the last few nice weeks spending my free time on the trails in the foothills and those close to home. We have a half marathon scheduled for January so I need to move more longer runs up my priority list :).

With the busy season ahead, I am focusing on intentionally planning my time to make sure I am continuing to move in the direction of my goals. The holiday season sometimes feels like a whirlwind and it’s easy to get caught up in day to day busyness without actually making progress towards a milestone I’ve set for myself. The goal for the next two months is to focus on living intentionally and being more selective on what I allow to take my time. My hope is that I spend more quality time with the people I love and more time doing the things I love to do. I hope you stay healthy and safe this holiday season and enjoy your time with the people who matter most. Being present and being more intentional with time spent will hopefully make this season all the more special.

Until the next tale… Happy trails.



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