TALES OF LONGER TRAILS (26.2 to be exact!)

I recently had my 26th birthday and also ran my first marathon (26.2 miles!) in Aspen, Colorado. I think it’s important to reflect each year to celebrate accomplishments, learn from failures and set goals for the year to come. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I learned during my 25th year and what IContinue reading “TALES OF LONGER TRAILS (26.2 to be exact!)”


Bryce Canyon National Park has the largest concentration of hoodoos (irregular rock columns) found anywhere in the world. It is very close to Zion but is quite a bit less popular and has a drastically different landscape. When I first visited Bryce Canyon I was blown away and if you’re in the area already visitingContinue reading “A DAY AT BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK”


I’ve spent the last month getting to know a very small part of southern Utah. Even after a month here I continue to find more passes, trails, parks and areas to explore and I realize I’m going to leave with much of southern Utah going undiscovered. That’s okay though as it gives me more reasonsContinue reading “EXPLORING THE GREATER ZION NATIONAL PARK”


Zion National Park is Utah’s first and most visited national park with over 4 million visitors each year. This visitor count also puts Zion third on the list of the most visited national parks in the nation. People come from far and wide to see Zion’s expansive canyon which boast amazing canyoneering opportunities for beginnersContinue reading “ANGEL’S LANDING”


I arrived in Cedar City, Utah a little over a week ago for my next 30 day stay. Cedar City is in the southwest corner of Utah, it has a higher elevation than Denver (5,846 ft.) and is a place I have never been. I chose Cedar City because it is about equidistance to twoContinue reading “CEDAR CITY, UTAH”


I was hiking over the weekend with some friends and one of them asked how heavy my backpack was. I proceeded to take off my backpack to let them hold it and they were surprised by the weight! For summer day hikes, I carry the same black backpack whether the hike is shorter or longContinue reading “SUMMER DAY HIKE PACK ESSENTIALS”


Recently, it has been so smokey in Colorado and I’m assuming most states in the west are experiencing a similar forecast. As wildfires rage in California, the smoke is settling across the west bringing Denver’s air quality to top the charts among the worst air quality in major cities across the world. It stinks (literallyContinue reading “WILDFLOWER SEASON!”


It’s been about two and a half weeks since I’ve been back from Alaska but some how my Alaska adventures feel like a lifetime ago. Looking back now I feel like I lived a completely different life there, like I was a different person somehow. I stepped out of my comfort zone to make friends,Continue reading “GROWING”


Something new I’ve added to my routine since I’ve been in Alaska is a daily after work hike. After work hikes have never been a convenient option for me in Denver due to my proximity to the mountains. I’d go on walks or runs in my area but it’s not quite the same as venturingContinue reading “SMALL CHANGES”